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HD-SDI Technology

HD-SDI Technology

HD-SDI [High Definition Serial Digital Interface] is a high definition digital video technology that transmits 1080P video quality over copper coaxial cable. This type of digital interface was standardized by SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture Engineers) - SMPTE 292M standard. It was developed for the professional HDTV market and widely deployed and defined to be a world standard protocol.

One of the main benefits of HD-SDI technology is that there is zero loss of image data and zero latency when viewing images. This makes it ideal for applications where evidence grade images are required, such as airports, ports, banks, casinos and retail environments, but where is it not viable or cost effective, to transmit the images over a network.

Until now, the capture, viewing and recording of high definition images has been synonymous with IP network systems. The technology however built into the new HD-SDI cameras and DVR allows the transmission of uncompressed and non-packetized Full HD (1080P) video over analogue cabling.

HD-SDI Megapixel 1080P Cameras and DVRs offer you higher resolution and picture quality at lower prices than IP cameras.

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